The Equalizer Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Be Hits on Screen?

As one of the most popular police shows of the 1980s, The Equalizer, which starred the late, great Edward Woodward (The Wicker Man), won a place in the hearts of those who watched it. Fans …

The Equalizer Season 4 Release Date

As one of the most popular police shows of the 1980s, The Equalizer, which starred the late, great Edward Woodward (The Wicker Man), won a place in the hearts of those who watched it. Fans have been asking for a reboot for a long time now, even though the show has been off the air for a long time.

The first part of this reboot was a 2014 movie starring Denzel Washington called “Training Day.” Since then, there have been two sequels, and the third, “The Equalizer 3,” is coming out soon. But for many fans of the original show, this film franchise didn’t quite have the same feel as the show it was based on.

When a TV series reboot was announced in November 2019, fans were very excited. Now that the show has been on for three seasons, it is shining brighter than ever. So, with that in mind, and since there has been a lot of talk about the show’s fourth season, here is everything we know so far about it.

Is There a Trailer for The Equalizer Season 4?

There isn’t a video for Season 4 of The Equalizer yet, which is a shame. But while you wait calmly for one, you can watch this clip promoting the season 3 finale of The Equalizer:

When Is The Equalizer Season 4 Coming Out?

Since both Seasons 3 and 4 were approved before the Season 2 ending even aired, fans have had a lot of time to wonder when the fourth season might start. Not too long ago, the fourth season was supposed to air in or around this coming Fall.

The Equalizer Season 4However, due to the WGA writers’ strike and the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike, there is likely to be some delay with that release, which could add The Equalizer to the long list of shows touched by the two strikes. We don’t have an official start date yet because of this but stay tuned to Collider for the latest news on when Season 4 of The Equalizer will start.

Where Can You Watch The Equalizer?

Season 4 of The Equalizer will only air on CBS, just like the show’s first three seasons. In this day and age of streaming and binge-watching, many people will want to know if they can watch using these methods. Coverage of CBS shows does depend on where you live, but services like FuboTV, DIRECTV, Hulu, and Paramount+ all have CBS shows. As well as this, we know that the previous seasons of The Equalizer have been released on DVD, so keep an eye out for news about the likely DVD release of Season 4.

Who’s In the Cast of The Equalizer Season 4?

Fans of the original Equalizer show loved the cast, so when this reboot was announced, it was clear that the group of actors put together would be key to its success. Since the fourth season is almost here, it’s clear that the hiring team did a good job.

We don’t know for sure who will be back in the next season of the show, but based on what happened in Season 3, it’s likely that some familiar names will be back. Queen Latifah (Chicago), who plays the show’s main character, Robyn McCall, will definitely be back for Season 4. People often say that Latifah is one of the best rappers who turned into an actor in the modern age.

Laya DeLeon Hayes (Liv and Maddie) will play Delilah, Lorraine Toussaint (Selma) will play Viola “Vi” Marsette, Tory Kittles (Colony) will play Detective Marcus Dante, Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan) will play Harry Keshigan, and Liza Lapira (21) will play Melody “Mel” Mayani.

Season 3 also added some interesting new characters, like Gloria Reubens (Lincoln) as Trish and Donal Logue (Blade) as Colton Fisk, who fans will want to see again. As with any show like this, it’s possible that the casting team and writers will want to change things up, so expect some new people to join the cast before the show comes out.

Who Are the Creators of The Equalizer Season 4?

Even though we don’t know for sure who will be in charge for Season 4, we can make a good guess based on who has worked on this series in the past. So far, directors like Randy Zisk (Monk), Eric Laneuville (Lost), and Christian Moore (Jericho) have been in charge of most of the episodes.

The Equalizer season 4

The show was created by Marcus Sloan and the late Richard Lindheim, who are credited as writers and executive producers. Other writers who have worked on the show in the past include Joseph C. Wilson (NCIS: Los Angeles), Rob Hanning (Frasier), and Andrew W. Marlowe (Hollow Man), among others.

What Will The Equalizer Season 4 Be About?

At the moment, all story details about Season 4 of the show are being kept very secret. But given how Season 3 ended, it’s very unlikely that these plot lines won’t continue into Season 4. This will give fans a good idea of what to expect in terms of the story. Harry, Mel, and Dante seemed to be burned alive at the end of the season finale, right in front of Robyn.

This is likely to have an effect on our favorite characters, especially since we don’t know what happened to the three people. Also, after getting a shot of truth serum, Dante finally tells Robyn that he loves her. Fans had to wait for three seasons to finally hear him say this. This will also affect the plot of Season 4 because Robyn will be affected by the outcome of Dante’s infernal problem, whether he is dead or living. With Season 4, there is a lot to look forward to, and the stakes are going to be higher than ever.

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How Many Episodes Does The Equalizer Season 4 Have?

Most of the time before Season 4 came out, people thought that it would have the same number of shows as Seasons 1 and 2, which was 18. But because of the strikes, that possibility is now up in the air. There is a good chance that the number of episodes will be cut, maybe even down to 10 episodes to match Season 1.


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