Mr Zoo Keeper’s Release Date: Cast | Storyline | Trailer And Where to Watch!

The movie “Mr. Zoo Keeper” has been in production for a while, and as the headline says, Pugazh will play a zoo keeper. The plot of the movie is unique, and there won’t be a …

Mr Zoo Keeper release date

The movie “Mr. Zoo Keeper” has been in production for a while, and as the headline says, Pugazh will play a zoo keeper. The plot of the movie is unique, and there won’t be a female star. Reports say that the movie is about a zookeeper and how he interacts with the birds and animals who live there.

The director of Mr. Zoo Keeper, Suresh, and the main character, Pugazh, are both having a great time working on the movie, which is coming along very well. For the first time, they will be able to see Pugazh, who is well-known because he has been on TV, on a bigger stage.

Overview of Mr. Zoo Keeper Movie

DirectorJ Suresh
MusicYuvan Shankar Raja
BannerJ4 studios
GenreComedy Movie
CinematographyTanveer Mir
Release DateTBA
EditorYet to be Update
StarringPugazh, Shirin Kanchwala

Mr Zoo Keeper’s Release Date

Mr. Zoo Keeper is a Tamil language film. The movie will be in theaters in 2023. Its cast includes Pugazh, Shirin Kanchwala, and many others. According to internet sources, It has not been announced the release date yet.

Mr. Zoo Keeper Movie Cast: Who Will Take Place As Crew?

There are the following cast members in the Mr. Zoo Keeper Movie. Let’s see in the table below:

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  • Pugazh
  • Shirin Kanchwala

What is The Story of Mr. Zoo Keeper Movie?

J. Suresh is in charge of Mr. Zoo Keeper, a Tamil comedy movie. The lead part in the movie is played by Pugazh, who is known for his work on “Cook With Comali.” Shirin Kanchwala and many other famous people also appear in the movie. “Junior Senior,” which starred Mammootty, and “Ennavale,” which starred Madhavan, are two of J Suresh’s best-known movies.

Mr Zoo Keeper release date

He took over writing the story, writing the dialogue, and running this movie again. The music and background score for this movie was written by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Tanveer Mir was in charge of the cinematography. This movie was made by Jeba’s company, J4 Studios.

Mr. Zoo Keeper Movie Trailer: Where Can You Watch?

The movie’s creators haven’t said when it is not available on OTT yet. We have to wait for this information for a while. All the filmmakers are working hard for their audience who are waiting for a long time. Just a little wait, it will announce soon on the OTT platform.

What to Expect From Mr. Zoo Keeper?

The first look at the future movie is funny, and the movie is said to be based on the 2011 American hit Zookeeper, which made a good amount of money at the box office.

The main players Puzagh is known for his funny and comedic parts. He has done well in shows like Cook with Comali and Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru. Even though he is a comedian, he has become known as an actor who can play a full-fledged hero part.

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Puzagh has been in a few movies before, like “Enna Solla Pogirai,” “Don,” “Naai Sekar Returns,” “Valimai,” and “Sabhaapathy,” but his roles in those movies were short and didn’t have much of an effect. This is his first movie, and he has a full-fledged lead part.


With a group like this, there is no doubt that this will be a fun and funny movie. But it will be a while before we know when the movie will come out. The movie is supposed to come out in theaters soon, but the makers haven’t said when it will come out.

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