Infinite Mage Chapter 45: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch?

On the speed gun in Chapter 45 of “Infinite Mage,” Shirone and Eruki compete for the highest score. They didn’t think anyone could hit so many targets in a minute, but Shirone manages to obtain …

Infinite Mage Chapter 45?

On the speed gun in Chapter 45 of “Infinite Mage,” Shirone and Eruki compete for the highest score. They didn’t think anyone could hit so many targets in a minute, but Shirone manages to obtain a score of 342 on his first try.

On the other hand, the black horse lurks in the shadows. After that, Eruki aims to top Shirone’s score. In just one minute, he hits 548 targets, driving the crowd crazy.

He mocks Shirone in an obviously therapeutic manner. We are still unclear as to his motivations, but he appears to be a good guy and is instrumental in Shirone’s recovery.

I read so much manhwa that I began to believe that maybe I wouldn’t have to be good at math if I had been born in a fantasy world. Even mages, it seems, need to have a basic understanding of mathematics. So, Shirone needs to hone his skills with logs if he wants to compete with Eruki.

If you’re wondering when the next chapter of Infinite Mage, a popular shounen manhwa, will be released, you need not worry. This article contains information (spoilers included) regarding where and when you can read Infinite Mage Chapter 45.

Infinite Mage Chapter 45 Release Date and Time!

On August 9, 2023, at 07:00 KST, we’ll be releasing the latest Infinite Mage tale. A new episode is released every week. Following is the worldwide schedule for Infinite Mage Chapter 45:

Infinite Mage Chapter 45

Infinite Mage Chapter 45 Spoilers!

Since spoilers for this Manhwa normally go out a day or two before the release date, Infinite Mage Chapter 45 has remained unsullied. We can still speculate on what will occur in Infinite Mage 45 based on the book’s descriptions.

There’s really no need to keep this a secret, but I’ll go ahead and mention it. Remember that Eruki’s friend claims that Eruki can count to a million, but Shione’s highest count was one hundred? The manga is titled “Infinite Mage,” so perhaps Shirone will eventually pick up the ability to count to an infinite number.

Now that you know what happened, we may return to the hidden details. Shirone and Eruki will have a score-settling fight in Chapter 45. If my memory serves me correctly, Eruki initiates play and Shirone must beat his or her score. The other mages begin to believe that Shirone simply cannot beat his score because it is so high.

The other witches, however, often lose sight of the fact that Shirone is the story’s protagonist. So when Shirone’s turn comes around, he gives it some serious thought before the battle and takes Eruki up on his suggestion to utilize logs while shooting a speed gun. When it’s his turn, he climbs up high and begins counting past infinity.

He ends up beating Eruki, but only by five points. Eruki isn’t shocked; he knows Shirone can beat him with the speed pistol, so he instructs Shirone to use the log.

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Infinite Mage Chapter 45 Raw Scans!

Unfortunately, raw scans for Infinite Mage Chapter 45 are still missing even though readers are eagerly awaiting its release. Fans of this compelling manga series are desperate for raw scans so they can see what’s in store for them.

While it’s important to be patient and show support for the authors and publishers by waiting for the official release, the lack of raw scans has piqued fans’ interest and led to speculation about what will happen in the next thrilling installment.

Where Can I Read Infinite Mage Chapter 45?

 Infinite Mage Chapter 45

Infinite Mage Chapter 45 is now available on the Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon in its raw form. The Infinite Mage, the English translation of Infinite Mage, may be found on the streaming service Tapas. However, the website only features 25 total episodes.


Finally, Infinite Mage Chapter 45 promises a heated battle between Shirone and Eruki, along with intriguing new developments for both characters. Raw scans are now inaccessible, though, adding to fan anticipation. The next episode will be available on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon on August 9, 2023, giving viewers more time to delve into the fantastical universe. For more Manga news, keep checking Crossover99.

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