Is Maya Still Alive? Find out Anupama’s Upcoming Twist!

Anupamaa has become a very popular show among the Indian masses. The story of a mother who is struggling to gain relevance and respect is aptly translated into this television show. This Indian drama series …

anupama upcoming twist

Anupamaa has become a very popular show among the Indian masses. The story of a mother who is struggling to gain relevance and respect is aptly translated into this television show. This Indian drama series is shown on the Star Plus network. ‘Aai Kuthe Kay Karte,’ a popular Marathi variety show, served as inspiration for it. In the show, both Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey have pivotal roles. The Anupama Show is a Rajan Shahi Director Kut Productions production.

The story of Anupamaa is that of a mother who sacrifices all for her children, yet receives no respect in return. All day long, she tends to everyone’s needs, but no one is there to help her. The Star Plus channel airs the serial Anupamaa every night from Monday through Saturday at 10 p.m. The premiere date of the serial was originally set for March 16, 2020, but was pushed back to July 13, 2020, due to the Corona pandemic.

Kahan Hum Kahan Tum was replaced by this show. As a simple housewife with an unfinished degree, Anupamaa is frequently made to feel ashamed of herself. Anupamaa’s jealousy stems from the fact that her husband Vanraj has been having an affair with his coworker Kavya for the past eight years.

In this article, we present you with the latest twists of this intriguing show. Read the full story to uncover the tumultuous life of Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa.

The Cast of India’s Most Beloved TV Serial

Anupamaa Character namesAnupamaa Actors’ real names
Anupamaa Vanraj ShahRupali Ganguly
Anuj KapadiaGaurav Khanna
Vanraj ShahSudhanshu Pandey
Old Samar ShahParas Bhushan Kalnawat
Hasmukh ShahArvind Vadiya
Leela Hasmukh ShahAlpana Buch
Paritosh ShahAashish Mehrotra
Kavya Vanraj ShahMadalsa Sharma
Kinjal Paritosh ShahNidhi Shah
Pakhi ShahMuskaan Bamne
Malvika KapadiaAneri Vajani
Rakhi Pramod DaveTasneem Shaikh
Nandini Iyer (old)Anagha Bhosale
Dolly Sanjay DhamechaEkta Sariya
New Samar ShahSagar Parekh
anupama upcoming twist

Check out This New Spin on Things

In the most recent episode of Anupamaa, we see that Anupamaa has returned home and assumed her role as a parent. Anupamaa felt guilty about abandoning her Choti after Maya died, so she made a pact with Maya before she passed away. It’s clear now that Malti Devi is planning to destroy Anupamaa’s career out of spite.

Well, the next turn in Anupamaa certainly promises to be a spectacular one. The new trailer reveals that Malti Devi vows to herself that she will ruin Anupamaa’s life and profession. Let’s see where this goes, then. Malti Devi seriously does not get the gravity of her predicament, right? Well, Anuj is there for her this time around. What can we expect next in Anupamaa?

Major drama ensues when Malti Devi smacks Anu and then returns to her home in the next episode of Anupamaa. She simply cannot tolerate Anupamaa even once. When Malti Devi pushes herself too far, unexpected things start to happen. She made Anupamaa’s entire life miserable. Guru Maa may contact the press in order to shed light on the mystery surrounding Anupamaa. That’s how she dumped her; now she’s stuck in Canada. And now she has to postpone her entire concert tour because of Anupamaa.

The most recent promotional material also contains hints that Maya is not actually dead, which may be found there. If the rumor proves to be accurate, the show’s plot as it is will be significantly altered as a result. The audience is more than eager to learn the solution to the most recent enigma.

anupama upcoming twist

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Where to Watch Anupamaa?

If you are wondering where you can watch the show, here’s the answer. On Star Plus, you may watch the show Anupama. Additionally, it is also available on Disney+Hotstar.


Therefore, let’s wait till the appropriate time to find out how things turned out. Everything will become clear, including whether or not Maya is still alive when Guru Maa will pardon Anupama and more. Stay tuned for more of the most recent stories on television.

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