Alanna Panday Before Surgery: With Whom Alanna’s Getting Married?

Alanna Panday made headlines after images of her wedding began to spread on the internet. She is claimed to have had lip surgery and a nose operation to improve her appearance. Although she has not …

Alanna Panday Before Surgery

Alanna Panday made headlines after images of her wedding began to spread on the internet. She is claimed to have had lip surgery and a nose operation to improve her appearance. Although she has not replied to the rumors, glancing at her before and after photos, it appears that she has made significant alterations to her looks since 2020.

People have recently been appreciating one of Bollywood’s largest weddings. Yes, Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray’s lovely wedding. We have adored the Bollywood wedding since we were children, not to mention that Indian weddings are the most fascinating to see. It was a big, massive, magical forest-themed wedding in Mumbai.

Alanna Panday Plastic Surgery: Before and After Images

Alanna Panday has been the target of plastic surgery speculations, with her nose and lips being the major focus of speculation. People have compared her older images to her more current ones, and there is a notable alteration in the curve of her nose, implying she may have had rhinoplasty.

Alanna’s followers have inferred alterations to her physical appearance, particularly her nose and lips. Along with her nose, people have noticed that her lips are larger and more prominent in recent images.

Alanna Panday Before Surgery

Alanna, Ananya Panday’s cousin, married her longtime partner, Ivor McCray, in a stunning wedding ceremony last week. His close friends and family were in attendance at the function in Mumbai.

Pictures of their wedding festivities have been widely shared on social media platforms and have been the talk of the town for the past few weeks. In 2021, Alanna Panday married Ivor, who is also from Los Angeles. Ivor is a fitness enthusiast who also works as a film producer in the entertainment industry.

Who is Alanna Panday?

Alanna Panday is the daughter of Deanne and Chikki Panday. Chikki Panday is the younger brother of Bollywood renowned actor Chunky Panday. Alanna Panday, born in 1995, is a social media influencer with over one million Instagram followers. Her stream is centered on lifestyle.

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Panday’s father, Chikki Panday, is a businessman, and his mother, Deanne, is a fitness specialist and health instructor. Alanna Panday has a younger brother, Ahaan Panday, and Bollywood actors Ananya Panday and Ryssa Panday is her cousins.

How Did Ivor McCray And Alanna Pandey Meet?

Alanna’s husband Ivor McCray, is a film director and photographer. In the year 2019, the two initially met during a Halloween party. They moved in together shortly after the meeting. They also have a YouTube channel called ‘Alanna & Ivor,’ which has over a million subscribers. McCray proposed to Alanna in the Maldives in 2021. Panday confirmed her engagement with this lovely Instagram photo. “2 years ago today, I met this amazing human at a Halloween party,” she captioned the image.

Alanna Panday Before Surgery

That night, he had me laugh so hard that my jaw hurt. Everything else is hazy, but all I remember is how happy he made me. We moved in together three months after meeting (I know, too soon), but I couldn’t stay away from him for more than a day. I believe it was due to his ability to make a distant country feel like home. When I was around him, I never felt homesick.

A Huge Statement About Their Marriage

In an interview with ETimes, Alanna Panday, who will marry her fiance, Ivor McCray, on March 16, 2023, said that her parents, Chikki Panday and Deanne Panday, knew about their wedding plans eight months before the engagement. She also described how her fiance, Ivor, obtained permission from her mother, Deanne, to propose to her and how she assisted him. She revealed the following:

“My parents were aware of our wedding plans eight months before the engagement, so it didn’t really surprise them.” Ivor came to India and requested my father and mother for permission to propose to me, and my mother actually helped him prepare the entire engagement, including the hotel, our clothing, and so on.”

A few Things to Know About Ivor McCray

  1. He is a film director and photographer, according to his Instagram.
  2. He updates his webpage with all of his most recent work.
  3. He has 90.8K subscribers on his YouTube channel Alanna & Ivor. He keeps adding movies of his girlfriend Alanna Panday to it. On his YouTube account, he has also posted a number of travelogues.
  4. His girlfriend Alanna Panday is Ananya Panday’s cousin and the daughter of health coach Deanne Panday. The couple is living together.
  5. They’ve been in Los Angeles since June of last year.
  6. Ivor has a large family, according to an interview Alanna Panday made to a publication. Some members of the family dwell in Washington, while others reside in Arizona. He also has a sister.
  1. Ivor and Panday went on a trip with the entire family and spent a lot of time with them.


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