Is Jessica Mutch McKay Pregnant? Pregnancy News Buzzes the Internet!

TVNZ (Television New Zealand)’s political editor and famous journalist is American-born Jessica Mutch McKay. She got her start in journalism in 2006 as a reporter for Sky News New Zealand, where she quickly rose to …

Jessica Mutch McKay

TVNZ (Television New Zealand)’s political editor and famous journalist is American-born Jessica Mutch McKay. She got her start in journalism in 2006 as a reporter for Sky News New Zealand, where she quickly rose to fame. Jessica is a role model for many people due to her expertise in journalism and the respect with which she is held in the media industry.

She has amassed a sizable following on Twitter and Instagram because of her attractive features, charming smile, and striking appearance. She maintains an active presence on these channels, where she talks about both her professional successes and engaging topics related to the world of modeling.

Is Jessica Mutch McKay Pregnant?

There is no evidence or rumor that Jessica Mutch McKay is pregnant as of the year 2023. Iain McKay and Jessica had their first child together in 2019. New Zealanders know Jessica for her astute reporting on politics, elections, and policy shifts in her roles as Political Editor and Journalist at 1 News and TVNZ. She’s famous for her ability to explain difficult political matters in straightforward terms.

Jessica Mutch McKay


Jessica’s commitment to her business is demonstrated by the fact that she worked into the 38th week of her pregnancy in 2019. Her dedication and hard work have always exemplified her professionalism. Jessica and Iain McKay’s 2019 wedding, performed by her coworker Matty McLean, garnered notice due to the couple’s obvious happiness and compatibility. There is no information available at this time to imply that Jessica Mutch McKay is expecting a child in 2023; instead, she appears to be devoting her time to her career as a journalist and her personal life.

Jessica Mutch McKay Husband

The longtime couple of Jessica Mutch McKay and Iain McKay are now husband and wife. The two had been dating for quite some time before getting married on October 21, 2018. Iain McKay is well-known for being Jacinda Ardern’s personal bodyguard in New Zealand. Photos of him going viral on the internet thanks to his attention-grabbing bearded and “hipster” look went viral almost immediately.

Jessica Mutch McKay Husband

Iain’s proposal to Jessica in the days before Christmas 2017 was both thoughtful and original. He put the question, “Will you marry me?” on a sponge cake and presented it to her as a proposal. They said their “I do’s” in front of family and friends at the Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island, the culmination of their romantic journey to that point. Jessica may choose to keep the specifics of her romantic connection with her boyfriend private, but she does give fans a glimpse into their journey together through infrequent posts.

Jessica and Iain have stayed together and strengthened their marriage. Jessica’s updates provide us a glimpse into their happy relationship and show how much they value and appreciate one another. Some details of their relationship may be kept private, but their undeniable love for one another is enough to win over anybody who witnesses it.

Jessica Mutch McKay Weight Loss

McKay has always shown tremendous self-awareness and commitment to her outward looks. She has kept to the same weight and demonstrated a dedicated interest in staying physically healthy.

Her current weight of 67 kg is the consequence of her efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and working out frequently. Because of her dedication and hard work, she now has a figure that is inspirational.

She has gained a large number of fans who admire her for her physical fitness and attractiveness. She is an embodiment of a particular style, and she is also an inspiration to many.

She manages to stay on track with her fitness routine despite her hectic schedule, which is inspiring to her legion of devoted admirers. They are inspired by her commitment and the positive outcomes she has accomplished as a result of her hard work.

Jessica Mutch Mckay Baby

Their daughter, Margaux McKay, was born to Jessica Mutch and Iain, and they named her after Jessica’s grandmother. On October 31, 2019, Margaux entered the world. Jessica’s dedication to her career is evidenced by the fact that she worked until she was an astounding 38 weeks pregnant in 2019. Her work ethic and perseverance are on full display here.

Jessica was the one to convey the happy news of Margaux’s birth, and she used to Instagram to do it. This momentous occasion added a new dimension to Jessica and Iain’s lives together as they entered a new phase of their relationship as parents.

Since becoming a mother, Jessica has gained a new identity that complements her professional achievements as a journalist. Her admirers are moved by the way she balances the competing demands of her professional and personal life.

Jessica Mutch McKay Age

In 2023, renowned journalist Jessica Mutch McKay will likely be 38 years old. Her actual date of birth is unknown. She was formerly known as Jessica Mutch, but after getting married, she changed her name to Jessica Mutch McKay. She studied speech and drama at Trinity College and found it to be a fascinating part of her scholastic path.

Her prominence in the media industry is due in large part to her successful career as a journalist, for which she is widely recognized for her astute political reporting. Although her exact date of birth is unknown, she is nonetheless a well-known and respected figure due to her impact on the industry and the public at large.

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Jessica Mutch McKay Instagram

There is a compelling look into Jessica Mutch McKay’s personal and professional life on her Instagram account, which has over 7,000 followers. She interacts with her readers by posting about her life and experiences as a journalist, as well as behind-the-scenes stories.

Her profile allows her to share more about herself with her legion of fans by highlighting the many facets of her life. She provides a well-rounded look at her life by detailing both her professional and personal activities as a political editor and journalist.

Jessica has amassed a sizable following on Instagram thanks to her ability as a journalist and her likeability among her followers. Her fans feel like they are a part of her adventure thanks to the combination of her intelligent words, interesting photographs, and occasional interactive storytelling.

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