Parker Schnabel Girlfriend: All About His Absolute Dating Life In 2023!

Parker Schnabel is an American gold hunter and reality TV star on the show Gold Rush. He was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. Schnabel likes to travel the world to relax when …

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

Parker Schnabel is an American gold hunter and reality TV star on the show Gold Rush. He was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. Schnabel likes to travel the world to relax when he’s not digging or filming his reality TV show.

Schnabel does more than just mine gold. He also has friends. He also goes shooting with his dad. A lot of his fans don’t know if he has a wife or a girlfriend. Read on to find out the most recent news about Parker Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend in 2023

What about Parker Schnabel? Does he have a girlfriend? You can guess as well as I can. He does have one. They were in Australia not long ago filming a new episode of Gold Rush, as you will find out.

He not only found nuggets to dig for, but he also met someone he fell in love with. Tyler Mahoney is the girl who got lucky. She is in the new season of Gold Rush, which takes place in Australia’s abandoned mines.

Tyler and Parker met while Parker was on tour in Australia. After some time, their attraction turned into love. There is a lot between them. Parker’s grandpa worked as a gold miner, and Tyler’s family history is full of Australians who looked for gold.

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney are closer because they both want to find gold nuggets and have worked in the gold mine business for a long time. Without a doubt, there is a feeling between them. Tyler shared a picture on Instagram of herself naked as she looks into the river for possible snakes.

Since things were so smooth between them, fans couldn’t help but think Parker had found a real Australian gold nugget. Tyler has also stood up for Parker against trolls online in the past.

When she shared a picture of them on the gold rush trail, Parker looked like he was the dirtiest of the group. One fan said right away that Parker is always dirty. Tyler quickly set the record straight by telling the fan that was just how it was when you were looking for gold.

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Parker Schnabel’s Love Life and Split with Ex-Girlfriend

In any case, this is about his breakup with Ashley Youle. Parker is very wealthy, but he has also been through a lot of hard times in his life. He also knows what it’s like to love and lose someone.

In an interview with the Times, Schnabel talked about how his early success had cost him. Giving up love was the price. “Work has pretty much taken over my life.” For a few years, I had a girlfriend. “That did not work out,” I said to Schnabel.

He agrees that Ashley was great, but Parker Schnabel says she got in the way of his work. Even though Schnabel worked hard, he couldn’t hold on to that thing.

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

The fact that the Discovery Channel camera crew could compete to see who could catch the couple kissing was even more amazing. Someone who saw the couple kissing got a bottle of good whiskey as payment.

When Ashley tries to kiss Parker without permission, she hits a wall. The camera group had a hard time because Parker found out about their plan, which made things harder for them. Ashley deleted all of Parker’s pictures from her Instagram account after they broke up, which showed that the relationship was over.

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Who is Ashley Youle?

Ashley Youle is best known for being Parker Schnabel’s ex-girlfriend. She was on Season 7, Episode 25 of the reality TV show Gold Rush. Ashley’s job is to be a veterinary nurse. No matter how dirty it got, she was happy to work with Parker in the Klondike. That’s what Parker does for a living.

Parker told the Times Record that Ashley was very helpful: “Yes, Ashley was a big help.” I believe she doesn’t get enough praise for how great the summer was. I like being around her, and she’s great for me. She’s just a cool girl.

Parker Schnabel break up with girlfriend Ashley Yule. He blames himself for the split. - Realitystarfacts

Chris Doumett, a member of the Gold Rush crew, liked working with the pretty blonde. Ashley Youle did give the team a lot of energy. Working with Chris Doumett, she had a lot of things to do. The team says that Ashley Youle’s job of cleaning millions of dollars worth of gold is what made them successful.

Ashley Youle was a good fit for where they put her. She might be able to drive tracks sometimes. People in the Yukon area got into a fight with Ashley Youle because she was on the show. They said she didn’t have the right paperwork to work in the mines. It was said that Ashley’s visa was only for tourism and did not allow her to work.

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