Danniella Westbrook Surgery Journey- Facial Features Before and After Plastic Surgery!

Danniella Westbrook has changed a lot since 1990 when she first appeared on EastEnders with a fresh face. The 49-year-old star of Sam Mitchell became well-known as Phil and Grant’s younger sister and gained thousands …

Danniella Westbrook Surgery Journey

Danniella Westbrook has changed a lot since 1990 when she first appeared on EastEnders with a fresh face.

The 49-year-old star of Sam Mitchell became well-known as Phil and Grant’s younger sister and gained thousands of fans all over the country.

But after a well-known fight with cocaine, she became better known for her nose, or lack of it, when shocking pictures showed that she was missing a septum.

Danniella has since gone through a “nightmare” of plastic surgery, going under the knife many times to try to fix her face.

But since she said she ‘wanted to die’ after her most recent surgery, which left her bloodied, bruised, and ‘disappointed,’ it looks like the star isn’t done with her beauty journey just yet.

Missing Septum

By 1999, Danniella’s drug use had caused her septum to rot away. To hide her nose, her EastEnders scenes had to be shot from above.

She finally had to leave the soap because her partying and drug use took over her life. A now-famous picture of her at the British Soap Awards showed how much of her nose had rotted away because of the drugs.

The celebrity started a number of cosmetic procedures to fix her nose. In 2016, she said on Celebrity Big Brother, “When I got over a drug addiction, I switched to an addiction to cosmetic surgery.”

Crumbling Cheeks

Danniella’s nose and cheekbones started to break down after she snorted cocaine mixed with a tranquilizer usually given to animals.

In an interview in 2018, she said that her cheekbone was “wasting” away and that the entire left side of her face had “sunk.”

On other days, her cheek would swell up in pain because her bones were “decaying” and “weakening.”

Rib Inserted Into Her Face

Last year, it was said that Danniella had surgery to fix her face in which a piece of her rib was put into her face.

Danniella Westbrook

She had a rib insertion surgery in 2018 because osteoporosis had made her cheeks and gums rot away.

The gruesome-sounding surgery was just one of the many surgeries the star had to go through. She also had to have her teeth pulled out.

Rotting Gums

The star said that after she had osteoporosis, she was left with screws instead of teeth, which cut her tongue when she talked.

In 2018, she tried to solve the problem by admitting that a bad surgery in 2015 had caused terrible problems. She told the Mirror, “I just don’t look like myself anymore.”

“I almost died, I had two sets of IV drips on each side, and then they took all my teeth out again and gave me this denture, which broke my heart because I didn’t need all of my teeth out in the first place.”

Face Lift at Europe Surgery

The goal of facelift surgery is to make the skin on the face look better and younger. The best places to see the effects are around the neck and cheeks. But a facelift doesn’t get rid of all the small lines that form around the face.

Danniella Westbrook

We use other methods, like deep peeling (Exoderm, Weekend-Peel) and skin smoothing injections (AQUAMID, botulinum), to get rid of small wrinkles.

Face Lift Procedure

Incisions are made along the natural folds in the skin at the front of the ear and toward the temples.

The process can be done with either local or general anesthesia. No matter what happens, there is no need to stay in the hospital for a long time later.

Danniella Westbrook says she's 'living a nightmare' and regrets going  abroad for surgery - Wales Online

The effects last for a long time and look natural without being too tight. The best changes are seen in the jowls, the neck, and the lower part of the face. Also, the cheeks get more flesh, which makes them look fuller. By lifting the brow, Brow-lifting procedures also lessen forehead wrinkles.

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Turned Down £500k of Surgery on NHS

Danniella has had five surgeries in Turkey, but the NHS offered to fix her damaged face for about £500,000.

The surgery was meant to fix her broken cheekbones and fix her nose, which had fallen down. But the actress chose to turn down the offer and do the work in Turkey instead.

“I was doing it in Liverpool with a master,”. I should have stayed with him, but one of my friends talked me into going to Turkey instead. It’s because of how stupid I am.”

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