Wallo Age: Exploring Gillie Da King’s Impact on the Next Generation of Hip-Hop Artists!

Wallo is believed to be a well-known orator in the United States. Wallo’s net worth is believed to be almost $2 million and is continually growing. Wallo has a tragic personality because he has been …

Wallo Age

Wallo is believed to be a well-known orator in the United States. Wallo’s net worth is believed to be almost $2 million and is continually growing. Wallo has a tragic personality because he has been through a lot in his life. He was sentenced to at least 20 years in prison when he was about 17 years old.

According to reports, he was involved in an armed robbery and was apprehended and sentenced to prison. Wallo transforms his life in three years by being the top orator, entrepreneur, and social influencer. Instead, he is a rap and hip-hop singer who has made his name known all across America with his cousin. That is why Wallo’s Net Worth is so high. This article will tell you about Wallo and his biography.

What Exactly is Wallo’s Age?

His birthday is January 1, 1984. As a result, Wallo will be 39 years old in the year 2023. At this point in his life, he is a really dashing and attractive man. He will be 68 years old when his probation expires, according to estimates.

Wallo’s Biography

Wallo, a wealthy individual, was born in the United States on January 1, 1984. He is a Philadelphia native who is nearly 5 feet 5 inches tall. By 2023, he will be 39 years old. He recently published his autobiography, “The Mind of Wallo267.” Simply read the table below for additional information about Wallo’s net worth and biography.

Wallo Age

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Wallo 267 Nickname

Wallo’s full name is Wallace Peeples, although he is more commonly known as Wallo 267. His nickname is Wallo 267, and he is most known by that name these days. This name conceals a significant truth. His moniker translates to “Keep going, no matter what!”

Why Was Wallo Arrested?

Wallo has a positive relationship with the prison. He was condemned to prison at the age of 17 for participating in an armed robbery. That is why he spent nearly 20 years in prison, wasting his whole youth. Later, in 2017, he was released from prison and began battling to make his career thrive. And he did it admirably, emerging as a major figure in American culture.

What is Wallo’s Passion?

Wallo is a fantastic actor and motivational speaker, in addition to being an orator, entrepreneur, and singer. He inspires not only with his words but also with his lovely voice and acting. His goal is to help individuals succeed, and he is using social media to do so.

His passion is described below in the articles even though he is the greatest leader in the USA. As a result, he is present on social media sites such as Instagram and others. Wallo’s Net Worth is expanding over time as a result of his various duties and sources of income.

Is Wallo Dating Anyone?

April is reported to be Wallo’s girlfriend, and there has been some news about their breakup recently. The two recently split up. Despite their separation, they remain close friends. April and Wallo used to work together in a hair salon. April was his first love and his first ex. However, none of this will deter Wallo’s Net Worth and success.

7 Facts About Hip Hop Personalities Gillie Da King and Wallo

1. Gillie Da King and Wallo Both Grew Up in Philadelphia

Gillie Da King grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is passionate about his city and has produced multiple full-length projects, including 2009’s I Am Philly, 2015’s Welcome to Gilladelphia, and his King Of Philly episodes.

2. Wallo is a Published Author and Public Speaker

Wallo is a proud orator and published author, among other things. He recently published his autobiography, “The Mind of Wallo267.” He’s also appeared on numerous panels aimed at inspiring young people, including TED Talks, his YouTube channel, and others.

 3. They Both Established Their Own Podcast, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” Which They Call “Million Dollaz Worth of Game”

Wallo Age

Gillie Da King and Wallo released their impressively popular podcast “Million Dollaz of Game” via streaming sites last year. The first episode aired on April 22, 2019, and they’ve produced over eighty episodes since then. Past special guests have included, but are not limited to, Pinky, Freeway, and Deion Sanders.

4. Gillie Was Once a Member of the Cash Money Records Roster

Gillie Da King quit Cash Money Records in 2006 after a series of label problems. After leaving, he claimed to have ghostwritten for Lil Wayne’s 2004 studio album, Tha Carter, which ignited a firestorm of controversy between the two.

“As far as me tutoring this young cat, he really just sat down and soaked up the game,” Gillie explained at the time to XXL. “Do you know how many people have been asking me this for three years and I’ve never once exposed Shorty because we were cool?”

5. Wallo Moved From Being a Prisoner to Becoming a Marketing Expert.

Wallo was 17 when he was sentenced to twenty years in jail for several armed robberies and firearm offenses. However, following his term, the native of Philadelphia developed an interest in marketing and teaching.

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“I always studied marketing while I was in jail.” I examined colors and attention span. When I saw a commercial on TV, I realized… In jail, I used to enjoy watching commercials. You could look at an advertisement like that. “I’m watching it as if I’m wondering what advertising agency created this,” Wallo told Earn Your Leisure. “I’m looking at the colors, the time frame, and the excitement.”

6. They Are First Cousins.

Wallo and Gillie are first cousins, which should come as no surprise. These two North Philadelphia locals are inseparable, from their podcasts to their social media influence. It’s improbable that Gillie’s name will not come up in a conversation about Wallo, and vice versa.

7. Gillie Was a Member of the Rap Group Major Figgas Before Becoming Solo.

Gillie was a founding member of the rap group Major Figgas before releasing his own solo album. Ab Liva, Bumpy J, Dutch, Spade-O, and Bianca are the major members of the group. Major Figgas released their debut album, Figgas 4 Life, in 2000, after establishing themselves through a series of mixtapes and singles. The pre-release single “Yeah That’s Us” peaked at No. 2 on the US Rap Singles chart and was named ASCAP Song of the Year over a year later.


Gillie Da King and Wallo, both Philadelphia residents who have just been on REVOLT’s “Drink Champs,” have proven to be fascinating personalities. Gillie, originally known as Gillie Da Kid, rose to prominence through the North Philly rap duo Major Figgas, who have been mentioned as influences by rappers such as Meek Mill and AR-Ab.

With the passage of time, he shaped himself into a formidable solo artist with a formidable discography, inking a deal with Cash Money. Gillie’s work was never released because he owned his publishing totally, prompting him to leave the company and go independent.

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