Dhruv Rathee Wiki: Early Life | Youtube Career And Allegations!

Dhruv Rathee is a social media activist and YouTuber from India. He is well-known on YouTube for his videos on social, political, and environmental topics. He has about 14.6 million subscribers across all channels and …

Dhruv Rathee Wiki

Dhruv Rathee is a social media activist and YouTuber from India. He is well-known on YouTube for his videos on social, political, and environmental topics. He has about 14.6 million subscribers across all channels and 2.7 billion cumulative video views as of April 2023.

Dhruv Rathee Wiki

Dhruv Rathee was born on October 8, 1994. He was born and raised in Haryana, India, in a well-established Hindu family. His astrological sign is Leo. He has been drawn to social causes since childhood and actively participates in social initiatives such as “Greenpeace” and “Sea Shepard.”

Dhruv’s Early Life and Education

Rathee was born into a Hindu Jat family in Haryana, India. He completed his primary school in Haryana before continuing his study in Germany. Rathee received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, followed by a master’s degree in renewable energy from the same institution.

Where is Dhruv Rathee Right Now?

Rathee, who currently resides in Germany with his wife, has built a massive social media following. His influence and popularity are undeniable, with over 11.8 million YouTube subscribers, 1.4 billion views, 1.6 million Twitter followers, and 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Dhruv Rathee Wiki

Rathee is a German citizen. Rathee married his long-term love Juli Lbr in November 2021 at Vienna’s beautiful Belvedere Palace. He regards himself as a Hindu atheist.

Dhruv’s Career as Youtuber

Rathee is well known for his political videos, which include fact-checking and explanations. According to ThePrint, Rathee was one of the first Indian users to utilize YouTube as a political platform, beginning with travel videos in 2013 but moving his focus to political and social issues by the end of the year.

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Rathee’s videos have covered a variety of themes, including the 2016 Uri incident, the 2016 Indian Line of Control strike, the 2016 Indian banknote demonetization, and the Gurmehar Kaur controversy. Rathee established Pee News, a comedic “fake news” feature, alongside his serious programming. Rathee also published opinion columns for ThePrint from 2017 till early 2020.

Dhruv Rathee Wiki

Rathee launched another YouTube channel, Dhruv Rathee Vlogs, in July 2020, where he discusses his worldwide travel vlogs. Rathee presents several programs, including DW Travel on Deutsche Welle and Decode with Dhruv on Netflix India, in addition to his travel vlogs.

He also co-hosts the Maha Bharat podcast with Dhruv Rathee on Spotify. Rathee produced a video in 2020 explaining the topic and criticizing Kangana Ranaut’s comments. Ranaut responded by threatening Rathee with legal action for “lying about the BMC notice for my house.”

Unknown Facts About Dhruv’s Youtube Channels

Subscribers divided by channel

11.2 million (Dhruv Rathee)
(Dhruv Rathee Vlogs) 1.85 million
(Dhruv Rathee shorts) 2.12 million

Views divided by channel

1.51 billion (Dhruv Rathee)
(Dhruv Rathee vlogs) 276 million
886,000,000 (DRshorts)

Controversies Around Dhruv

  1. The YouTuber has been chastised numerous times for his contentious films and remarks on political topics; he primarily posted videos critical of the ruling administration and always appears prejudiced towards a particular political party, for which he has been chastised numerous times.
Dhruv Rathee Wiki

2. In addition, a police case was filed against him in 2018 for accusing a software engineer and BJP fan, Vikas Pandey, in Delhi. Vikas filed a complaint against Dhruv and sued him for 15 lakhs for slander.

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3. This comes following Dhruv’s video accusing Vikas of working for the BJP IT cell and attempting to bribe Mahaveer Prasad, a former BJP IT cell member. He admires journalist Ravish Kumar and watches his news station NDTV. Ravish Kumar also invites him to appear on his show Prime TV on NDTV.


Dhruv Rathee began his work as a Mechanical Design Engineer after finishing his master’s degree in Germany. He has been a bright student from elementary school and a successful engineer by profession.

However, because of his interest in social issues and politics, he became a successful YouTuber, posting videos on social awareness and political topics.

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