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Garhwal Region

Government Colleges in Garhwal Region

Suo-moto disclosure about each college is uploaded as per the list below.Please note that the uploaded file is sent by the Principal of the college concerned.No change has been made at directorate level. In process of conversion of file from 'Word' to 'PDF' some error may occur like Jumbled fonts or any other error, so it should be ignored. Click on the name of college below to read information-


1.Agrora 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

2.Agustmuni 2013-14 Rudraprayag

3.Barkot 2013-14 Uttarkashi

4.Bedikhal 2013-14  Pauri Garhwal  

5.Chakrata 2013-14 Dehradun

6.Chandrabadni 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

7.Chaubattakhal 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal

8.Chinyalisaur 2013-14 Uttarkashi

9.Daakpather 2013-14 Dehradun

10.Devprayag 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

11.Doiwala 2013-14 Dehradun

12.Gairsain 2013-14 Chamoli

13.Gopeshwar 2013-14  Chamoli

14.Gopeswar Vidhi 2013-14 Chamoli

15.Guptkashi 2013-14 Rudraprayag

16.Jaiharikhal 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal

17.Jakholi 2013-14 Rudraprayag

18.Joshimath 2013-14 Chamoli

19.Karnprayag 2013-14 Chamoli

20.Kotdwar 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal 

21.Laksar Haridwar

22.Lambgaon 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

23.Mazra Mahadev 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal

24.Naagnath Pokhri 2013-14 Chamoli

25.Nainbagh Tehri Garhwal 

26.Nainidanda 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal

27.Narendranagar 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

28.New Tehri 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

29.Paukhal 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

30.Purola   Uttarkashi      

31.Rekhnikhal 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal

32.Rishikesh 2013-14 Dehradun  

33.Rudraprayag 2013-14 Rudraprayag

34.Satpuli Pauri Garhwal  

35.Talwari 2013-14 Chamoli

36.Thalisain 2013-14 Pauri Garhwal

37.Thathyur 2013-14 Tehri Garhwal

38.Tyuni 2013-14 Dehradun

39.Uttarkashi 2013-14 Uttarkashi






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